Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dolphins Playing in the Wild

One of the benefits of my work is that I get to see wildlife while working. This video was captured of one of my favorite creatures, the common dolphin [delphinus delphis].  It was filmed in Gordon Channel, near Port Hardy, British Columbia, Northbound to Port Alice off the West Coast of Northern Vancouver Island.  


These sea mammals usually grow up to a length if 2-2.6m ,weight up to 81.6kg.   Their beak is about 15 cm long.   These active fellas love to play around moving ships and will approach boats as they are very curious.  You can identify them with their back and flippers being mainly black, flanks yellowish in color and the belly is usually white.

Their natural range is the entire Pacific Coast.  They can be recognized by their habits as they commonly travel in schools and follows ships and boats up and down the coast with graceful leaps out of the water about the bow.   The  pacific white sided dolphin is very similar, a little bigger [2.1 to 2.7m] greenish black above, a white belly and blunter nose.  Dolphins are always a joy to watch.  I have seen the come from close to half a mile away to come an play about!

While Dolphins appear tame and eager to interact, it is always important to let them set the tone and pace.  Remember they are wild animals.  If you encounter them in the wild, consider yourself extremely lucky but never chase after them.

To help Dolphin's please consider donating money to The Dolphin Project, a project dedicated to helping end the hunting and captivity of this nobile animal and keep them playing in the wild where they belong.

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